Hi, I am Gary Bull

front-end dev

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What I do


I will help you with designing your website. Using design tools like Figma. Looking at current and future trends to make your website POP! out from the rest.
If you already have a website, that you'd like to update the design, I am more than happy to help you with that too.

Front-End Development

Using the design, I will develop the front end of your website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and / or a JavaScript framework such as ReactJS.


If you have, or would prefer to have a Wordpress website. I can develop your site too. There are thousands of Wordpress templates that we can modify to make your website. Or if you'd prefer, we could start a fresh design and develop that too.

My Work

Who I am

Front-End Developer & Designer based out of Nottingham UK

I'm currently working as a Business Support Solutions Analyst, however I have a new passion for designing and developing websites.

I'm primarily concentrating on learning JavaScript and ReactJS at the moment, working through courses that I have found available to me to hone my skills in my spare time.

I really enjoy martial arts and attend my local kickboxing school, where I'm currently a Purple belt, which means, only one more belt to go before I can grade for my Black Belt.

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My Work

Some of my work that I've really enjoyed designing, developing, and currently working on so far.
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Red knights Kickboxing Ready Steady Snaps Outlaw Theatre Paranormal Pursuit UK

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program

Linus Torvalds
(creator of the Linux Kernel and Git)

My Projects

Some of my Projects that I've created while learning Front-End Development so far.
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Next JS

React JS

Flutter & Dart

HTML, CSS, JavaScript